6 Ice Cream Sandwiches for Your Sunday

By Brittni • Updated on 08/02/2015

s'more ice cream sandwiches

I never really post over the weekend, BUT today is national ice cream sandwich day. And I just couldn’t keep myself away.

My love for ice cream sandwiches is strong. STRONG! And if you’re in the same boat as me, you may just appreciate this roundup. Six ice cream sandwiches to end the weekend…

1. (above) s’more ice cream sandwiches

Dutch stroopwafle ice cream sandwiches

2. stroopwafle ice cream sandwich

gold leaf cookie ice cream sandwich

3. the ice cream sandwich version of gold leaf embellished cookies

chocolate eclair ice cream sandwiches

4. chocolate eclair ice cream sandwiches

rainbow sugar cookie ice cream sandwiches

5. rainbow sugar cookie ice cream sandwich

donut ice cream sandwiches

6. glazed donut ice cream sandwich

What’s your favorite ‘perfect’ version of an ice cream sandwich? I think mine is a glazed donut ice cream sandwich. But I could be convinced that the rainbow sugar cookie option is the winner, depending on my mood.

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Oh my. They all are my favorites,


love my ice cream every chance I can, my grandfather got me eatimg ice cream everyday! He was born in 1892 and ate it everyday and carried me with him tp the store to get a hand dipped one everyday! I get my grandchildren to eat it when they are here, keeping the tradition.


OMG looks amazing!
I love eating and just looking at ice creams! <3



Ughhhh these all look so amazing! I’m totally drooling over here.]

xo, Kait.


I think I just died of happiness looking at all the pictures

Jacqui | Halcyon Jar


I love home made ice cream sandwiches! My favorite ones are made with chocolate chocolate chip oatmeal cookies! The recipe is PERFECT for them. The only problem is that I always eat too many when I have them around!! Everyone loves them so they never last long!!!

Terry Honstead

Oh man! Those ice cream sandwiches all look amazing!



These look super but how do you actually eat them? Do you leave them for a while so the biscuits/cookies soften a little bit? But doesn’t that make the icecream melt?


Oh my. That is just too much deliciousness.


How can you possibly pick a favourite they all look so good, but if I had to then the s’mores one might be the one!


I love ice cream sandwiches but rarely make it at home since I don’t have the time. Love the photos <3



These all look so delicious! Sad we don’t really have these in the UK 🙁


Thanks June. 🙂


gold leaf and ice cream? How gorgeous!

June G.

Thanks Bella. 🙂


Every one of these looks delicious!


Bella B
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