7 (Quick) Ways to Get Your DIY on This Christmas

DIY Cranberry Wreath for the Holidays

There are only nine days left until Christmas (!?!). Which means, there isn’t a whole lot of time left for DIY projects, in between decorating and shopping and baking cookies.

BUT you can probably find a little bit of time for a project or two, right? Maybe just a teeny tiny bit?

Because I have a handful of super easy (and super quick) holiday projects for you to try. Some old, some new. All under an hour to create, from start to finish…

1. DIY Cranberry Wreath

DIY Holiday Bouquet

2. DIY Holiday Bouquet

DIY Holiday Postcards (Printable)

3. Holiday Postcard Printable

DIY Hanging Holiday Dip Dyed Decor

4. Hanging Holiday Dip Dyed Decor

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Idea

5. DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

DIY Candy Cane Mini Donuts for the Holidays

6. Candy Cane Mini Donuts

DIY Inkblot Holiday Gift Bags

7. Inkblot Holiday Gift Bags DIY

What kind of holiday DIY projects do you have planned for the holiday season?

For even more DIY holiday ideas, visit the holiday project tag.

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The inkblot holiday gift bags are beyond easy and so cute! A list of projects like this that you can complete in under an hour can’t get much better. 🙂


Thanks Jaclyn.


Pretty sure everyone could make time for those candy cane donuts! YUM!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Haha. You know it! Everyone has time for mini donuts.


Candy cane doughnuts.. I can’t lie it caught my eye and made my mouth water! Tomorrow I’ll be posting my recipe for Peppermint Cheesecake Cookie Bites! It’s a peppermint sort of season!

xo Rachel

Rachel from Rose Tinted Home

It’s definitely the season for peppermint, Rachel. I’ll have to cheek out those cheesecake cookie bites. Yum.


That gift wrap is something you could do with kids, or even as a holiday party station idea- it doesn’t look too difficult, and I bet the mess could stay contained… LifeAnnStyle


Love those flowers and mini donuts! Yum!



I JUST bought some of those creamy white West Elm paper ornaments. Love the dip dyed look you gave to them!

Amy W

These are all so pretty! Those candy cane mini donuts… mmm… 🙂

<3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

Kelsea Echo

Thanks so much everyone, for the sweet comments. 🙂

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