A Clever DIY Headboard Idea that Will Only Take One Hour to Complete

By Brittni • posted on 02/28/2024

One of the easiest DIY headboard ideas you will ever see…and budget-friendly too! Out of all my DIY headboard projects, this one requires the least amount effort and skill. But still looks great! The best part about this DIY though, is that you can make this headboard any size and shape you want – from a standard rectangle to a giant square, even a round headboard if that’s something you’re into. Plus, it takes up NO space whatsoever, making it perfect for small spaces. Read on to see how to make your own headboard in under an hour.

Green painted headboard in white airy loft space.

If you’re tight on space (or budget) for a bedroom makeover, today’s project is for you! It’s one of my new faves because it’s super affordable, easy, and can totally transform a room…or at least your headboard!

I teamed up with 3M and ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape to create this painted DIY headboard idea that you can endlessly customize to your own style / color preferences, the size of your bed, etc. And now I want to try this in literally every bedroom EVER! Click through for the video tutorial of this do it yourself headboard and all the before and after photos.

Scotch Blue Tape being held by woman with pattern geometric apron.

Materials Needed for DIY Headboard

  • painters tape – I used ScotchBlue™ PLATINUM Painter’s Tape (for the baseboards) and ScotchBlue™ WALLS + WOOD FLOORS Painter’s Tape (for taping off the headboard).
  • damp cloth for cleaning baseboards (if necessary)
  • screwdriver for unscrewing wall outlet plates (if necessary)
  • tape measure
  • paint roller
  • paint brush (I used a 2 inch wide short handle brush)
  • flat interior paint

Clean baseboards to prep surface

DIY Headboard Idea – Step by Step Instructions

1. I always start by cleaning all baseboards and trim with a damp cloth to remove any dust / debris and prep the surface for the painter’s tape.

Try to avoid using household cleaners as they can affect adhesion – sometimes I’ll use a spray bottle filled with plain water though. Wait for the surface to dry completely before taping

Remove outlet covers

2. Next, remove any outlet plates near the paint zone with a screwdriver and set aside. I say this every time, but it’s helpful.. I always throw screws and outlet plates into a bag, so I don’t lose anything. 

Tape off the shape of your headboard

3. Next, it’s time to tape! I used two kinds of tape for this project – one for the walls and one for the baseboards. You can use any kind of tape you like. For this particular project though, I use ScotchBlue.

If you like this brand, I would recommend using the tape selector tool on ScotchBlue.com to figure out the type of tape you should use for your project. It’s helpful and only takes a few seconds to double check.

Tape off baseboards

Tape off baseboards

Best Tape to Use for a Painted Headboard

Baseboard Tape

I used ScotchBlue™ PLATINUM Painter’s Tape for the baseboards of this project because it truly is my favorite painter’s tape.

It removes in one piece with no slivering or tearing and I always get ultra-sharp paint lines with this tape. I used it for the color blocked mirror DIY, my apartment entryway makeover, and a whole bunch of others. The poly-backing makes it easy to do 90 degree hand-tears and it works on a variety of smooth surfaces like baseboards, trim, metal and glass.

To apply the baseboard tape, get as close as you can to the wall and the baseboard joint and start rolling the tape out while running your fingers over it as you go.

Once the tape has been applied to the surface, I like to go over the whole thing once more with my fingers to make sure it’s secure before moving on to paint.

Taping off headboard on wall

DIY headboard idea

Wall Tape

For creating the headboard shape, I used ScotchBlue™ WALLS + WOOD FLOORS Painter’s Tape. I use this painter’s tape anytime I’m taping directly onto the walls (or wood floors – basically any smooth, delicate or freshly painted surfaces that are at least 24 hours old).

To apply this tape, you just roll it out while running your finger over the tape as you go, to make sure it was secure. Pretty simple!

Just be sure to press down firmly over the tape’s surface with your fingers to make sure the tape is secure. And use a level (I just use the level app on my phone usually) to ensure the headboard lines created by the tape are level before painting.

Paint the headboard shape with a brush

Paint headboard shape with roller

4. For painting the headboard, I used a small paint roller (with a 3/8 nap for smooth surfaces) and a 2 inch brush for around the baseboards and the outlets. I did 2 coats of paint and it took less than half quart of paint to complete. 

Be sure to let the paint fully dry between coats. Recommended drying times will be on the can of paint.

Remove painter's tape for clean lines at baseboards

Remove tape from wall to reveal DIY headboard shape

5. Once the paint has completely dried, it’s time for the big reveal…of those ultra-sharp paint lines. We’re not quite done yet! For the baseboards, if necessary, score the edge (where the painted surface and the tape meet) with a sharp blade. Especially useful if your paint is super thick in any areas.

Then, slowly remove the tape at a 45° angle and pull the tape back onto itself for best results.

For the wall tape, skip the scoring step (you don’t want to damage the walls) and slowly remove the tape, again at a 45° angle – pulling the tape back onto itself for best results. You can see a demo of this in the video tutorial toward the top of this post, if you need a little guidance.

In Your Dreams: A Clever DIY Headboard Idea that Will Only Take One Hour to Complete

6. Screw wall outlet covers back on, if applicable, and you’re ready to set up your bed and decorate.

Painted headboard in green with hats hanging overhead.

An eclectic modern bedroom with DIY headboard.

How long does it take to make this headboard?

Not including drying times, this do it yourself headboard project took about an hour to complete. So, it won’t take up your whole weekend. And it’s renter-friendly, since the surface that would need to be painted over at move out is relatively small!

Bonus! When you’re ready for a new look or a fresh start, you can easily paint over the headboard shape again in about the same amount of time.

You can customize it to any size bed and bed frame – make it taller, shorter, wider, even create patterns with multiple paint colors, etc.

An artsy loft bedroom with painted green headboard

An artsy loft bedroom - styled by Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch

Hang hats and purses on the wall as decoration

Photography Amelia Lawrence

What do you think of the finished headboard? Would you try this DIY in your own home? And if so, what other paint color(s) do you think would be fun for this project?

This post is in partnership with 3M. Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.

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Yes, I believe you can Molly. You’ll probably need to do a couple of extra steps though, like adding a thin strip of chalk over the tape line and then smoothing it out (before painting). Or painting the existing paint color on top of the tape line before painting the new headboard color on top. Hope that helps!


Can make a painted headboard on an orange peel textured wall? I’m worried that the tape lines won’t look crisp.


Hi Stephanie. You should totally do it! It’s so easy!!! The black and white throw was a gift several years ago and is no longer available. 🙁


I saw this in good housekeeping in November and now I’ve been thinking about getting rid of my wobbly headboard in exchange for this great idea! Also, where is the cute throw blanket from? I love it!!!

Stephanie Neutze

Hi Toi. The black and whit pillow is Ferm Living. Here’s the link: http://rstyle.me/~adEN6 The orange furry pillow is from Overstock (color is pumpkin). Here is the link: https://rstyle.me/n/cvufinmvmw The pink and blue pillow was purchased locally. The brand is New Market Goods. And the black and white throw was a gift several years ago and is no longer available. 🙁


Love this!! Where are your throw pillows and black and white blanket from? They add such personality.


I love this creative idea. So believable! To add variations, thumbtacks could be spaced around the outer edge for an industrial touch, or faux painting effects could be used to suggest marble or wood materials. Buttons could be painted on after measuring, with a little shadowing around to suggest an upholstered headboard. These effects can be practiced first on paper to build confidence in painting on the wall.

Olivia Russo

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I have tried this idea. I made it wider and use multiple colors. It awesome.

Robin Williams

Hi! Loved the video 🙂

Bruna Lourenço

Love this!! What colour did you use?

Nicole Hibbs

This is such a fun and creative idea!


Paige Flamm

This is genius!



I love your blog is so so beautiful
The pink pineapple

The pink pineapple

Love this idea!!
Makes all the difference in the room.

Maria || www.everythingiread.com


I love this idea, and it’s so simple!


This is great! I’m going to do a deep purple!! The color of royalty, right?!!


So cool idea!!
The pink pineapple
New post:http://thepinkpineappleblog.blogspot.com

The pink pineapple

Thanks Courtney. 🙂


Wow that is so cute!

Courtney Hardy

Hi Antonella. They’re real. I got them at a local flower shop.


The colour is so pretty. Where can I find the monstera leaves? Are they faux?

Antonella | White House Crafts
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