Double Duty DIY: Cork Wall Organizer that also works as Coasters

By Brittni • Updated on 02/12/2024

I have been itching for the next DIY project to come around and I was finally able to take some decent style shots.

It’s been cloudy lately and the photos I took before were not the best.

Anyway, now I am ready to post it up.

This tutorial pulls double duty: it’s a modular bulletin board + coasters.

Sounds like a strange combination, I’ll admit; but it makes a lot of sense if you think about it. 

Many of us are not very fond of clutter, especially in a workspace.

I personally find it almost impossible to work at my desk if there is a lot of stuff on it.

So, I thought I would make another bulletin board to tack up all my notes and inspirations.

But, I wanted to take that idea a step further, so I began thinking of other things that I need or would use a lot in an office space.

We recently invested in a Case Study desk, and have been religiously using coasters to protect our new purchase.

So, why not make a bulletin board that could also be used as coasters?

The whole thing will cost less than $4.00 to make!

Double Duty DIY: Wall Organizers that Double as Coasters

Here’s what you need…


  1. Cork – I picked up a 6 pack of cork coasters from a craft store for less than $2, but you could use a roll of cork and cut to size if you prefer.
  2. Ribbon or Fabric – Something I seem to have a never ending supply of. Choose ribbon that is small to medium width.
  3. Scissors
  4. Your favorite heavy duty glue – I like to use quickset super glue.
  5. Velcro

How to Instructions

1. Wrap ribbon around your cork square vertically until desired affect is achieved.

Make sure to pull the ribbon as tight as possible.

Cut off excess ribbon and glue both ends of the ribbon to the back. 

2. Repeat the process of wrapping ribbon around the same cork square, but this time wrap the ribbon around horizontally.

Then cut off excess ribbon and glue both ends of the ribbon to the back.

3. Cut a small piece of velcro to attach to the back of each piece.

Try to keep the cuts small and even from square so when you take them down, it will still look nice.

4. Attach all cork squares to the wall in your preferred pattern.

Now you can hold notes and photos in the interwoven wrapped ribbon and pin up anything that is too big to fit otherwise.

Once they are all hung up, it’s time for a drink.

Pull one down and use it as a coaster, re-arrange your modular bulletin board and you are ready to start all over again. Fun and organized!

Here’s what it looks like:

Note: If you would prefer to just use these as coasters (or they will be getting heavy use), I would recommend putting a sealant/ top coat over the finished cork squares so the fabric does not get ruined.

Looking for more DIYs to try?

  • If you like today’s wall organizer, I think you’ll LOVE this DIY wall organizer made of canvas. Tons of pockets for everything you might want to store.
  • Album cover wall organizers – another fun DIY to try.
  • Grab some cork sheets and make a desk organizer that also doubles as a DIY planter.
  • And last but not least…cork board ideas. This one is ahped like a cloud and cute for back to school.

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And so did


These are so great and can be adapted to many unique styles… so that I could give them as gifts to everyone on my list! Thanks!


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So cute! I love it.


So glad you like it Rachel, and thanks in advance for the link love. I will be sure to add yours to the list of sites.


What a fun idea! I really like the pop of color they give the wall as well. I’ll be linking to these!


Very cool idea! Easy, cute, and practical!


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That is exactly my dilemma. Especially since the apartment is only temporary (we just couldn’t find a house we liked). Again, great idea!


Thanks Carrie and Ashlei. Carrie, I could see a huge wall being done like this with 40 or 50 of these. Its a great solution for people who are renting and can’t paint since it provides a punch of color.


this is definitely my favorite diy you have done so far. i really like the last picture.


What a great idea! I just moved and have a lot of blank walls to fill. This might just do the trick!

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