A DIY Color Punch for your Lunch

By Brittni • posted on 11/08/2023

Two colorful watercolor painted lunch bags with lunch food on a table

Yesterday was an awesomely long day for me… I wrapped up a whole slew of projects, that I can’t wait to share…

And one in particular, may have involved setting up a ladder in the middle of the road to get the best angle, in between cars driving by.

It was so much fun. But man, am I tired. And my brain is still feeling a little fried this morning, so I’ll keep this short and sweet…

I recently made these watercolor canvas lunch bags for Momtastic to dive into back to school season.

Obviously, these are great for kids, but I also think they’re minimal enough to work for adults as well.

I’d use a lunch bag like this in a heartbeat. Though, I’d probably go with a more subdued color palette (i.e. black and grey).

Head to Momtastic for the full DIY. Or head to my other lunch bag DIY: how to make a canvas lunch bag from scratch.

Looking for more DIY projects like this one?

Here are a handful of favorites handpicked for you…

Purple and blue watercolor lunch bags made of canvas, sitting on marble countertop

What colors would you choose for lunch bags like these?

Visit Momtastic for the full watercolor lunch bag tutorial.

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These are such a pretty way to pack a lunch! Love them!

Eden Passante

This is really cool!



I’ll make this one in wool felted…
It will be great that wool resists dirt well, and woolen bags do not need to
be cleaned as often as manmade synthetic ones….moreover wool luch bag has been felted so even washing will not shrink the size of the bag…reshape is also so easy…

Thanks for the great idea!


Will it be good if I make this in felted wool?
since felted wool resists dirt well, thus woolen bags do not need to be cleaned as often as manmade synthetic ones…. also wool has been felted that can clean with no shinkage and reshape so easily…

I’ll make one in wool…

Thanks for the great idea!


Love the pops of yellow – the perfect colour to brighten these autumn days.



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Thanks Shelbi.


This is so cute! Though I personally just throw my lunch in my purse and go, (classy… I know), I think this is so cute for my nieces and maybe to stash in my purse to keep cute, functional and hip! Loving this trend.

Sincerely, Shelbi


Shelbi Elkin

You should totally make one of these, Kel. You could fill it will tiny piñata tacos and hamburger balloons. 🙂


I was just thinking about how I need a lunch bag now that I’m going to the studio a few days a week! This = perfect, and I’d totally rock the bright colors. Though a black and gray one sounds pretty awesome too.

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Sydney.


Such a great idea! I’d definitely take one of those to work with me!
much love!
Sydney at Twine Interiors

Sydney McFerron at Twine Interiors

Thanks Arielle. Oh, indigo would be really pretty, I bet.


these lunch bags are so fun and unique. I’ve already pinned them to give them a go, myself. I think shades of tan and brown with maybe some indigo mixed in would be adult appropriate. though, I’m not much of an adult in spirit, so maybe I’m way far off 😉

love, arielle
a simple elegance

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