A Walk Down Memory Lane: The Most Loved Projects of 2017 (According To You)

A Walk Down Memory Lane: The Most Loved Projects of 2017 (According To You)

Happy New Year! How was your holiday break?!

We’re only two days into 2018, and I’m already looking back at 2017. Ha. What can I say, I guess I’m feeling a bit nostalgic the morning. Over the break, I spent some time looking back through old posts and started planning new content. So, a walk down memory lane this morning feels pretty appropriate.

In all honesty, I’ve never been huge on those ‘best of’ posts, so I’m approaching this as more of a resource for top posts you may have missed. I went through my analytics, found my most popular posts for 2017, and put them together in one big list for easy browsing. In case you’ve missed ’em, here are 35+ of the most popular posts on Paper & Stitch from 2017…

The most popular category by far in 2017 was DIY (probably no surprise), followed by interiors / home decor, recipes, beauty, and travel. Here’s the full list (in no particular order).

Best of 2017 on Paper & Stitch: A Tropical Run Punch Recipe #cocktail #recipe #rum #punch #orchid #flowers #flowerpower


1. pineapple mango rum punch cocktails
2. naan flatbread pizzas
3. pineapple lime sangria spritzers
4. s’more pizzas with edible flowers
5. make ahead s’more cups

Best of 2017 on Paper & Stitch: An Easy DIY Standard Pillow Case Project #sewing #pillow #pillows #diy #tutorial #homedecor #pattern

DIY Project Ideas

1. DIY hanging planter hack
2. how to make standard pillowcases (for your bed)
3. DIY wall art weaving hack
4. do-it-yourself headboard idea
5. how to turn an old dress into a shirt
6. DIY gift ideas (for the holidays and beyond)
7. how to make grocery totes with old t-shirts
8. how to sew an apron in 10 minutes
9. how to style a square bandana (6 ways)
10. an easy DIY art hack (5 minute art)
11. how to make a weaving loom (two sizes)
12. embroider any design on clothing by hand
13. DIY notebooks (easy project for January inspiration)
14. DIY desk accessory
15. how to resurface laminate countertops
16. how to turn any bag into a camera bag
17. DIY statement tassels (wood and leather)
18. floating flower message DIY idea

Best of 2017 on Paper & Stitch: The Cool Girls Travel Guide to Charleston. #charleston #travel #travelguide #pink #traveling #traveler #cityguide


1. cool girls travel guide to Charleston
2. the non-outdoorsy travel guide to Chattanooga
3. where to go in Grand Turk (Turks and Caicos guide)

Best of 2017 on Paper & Stitch: My Modern / Minimal Bathroom Refresh #makeover #roommakeover #bathroom #traingle #shelf #beauty

Interiors + Decor 

1. moving to a new place
2. coolest couches under $1,000
3. my minimal modern entryway makeover
4. cool kitchens in every style
5. my master bathroom refresh
6. coolest chairs for every budget
7. cool rugs (17 rugs that will make any room)

Best of 2017 on Paper & Stitch: Easy Waves in Ten Minutes #hair #hairtutorial #wavyhair #beachhair


1. easy hair tutorial for Valentine’s Day
2. rose petal DIY bath salts
3. easy waves in 10 minutes (hair hack)

How was your holiday break?! Are you feeling a little nostalgic at the beginning of this new year? Motivated?! Tired? Over it?! Let me know!

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Great recap.I love all post

the pink pineapple

Thanks Courtney. Happy new year!


These projects sound awesome. Have a wonderful 2018.

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