42 DIY Organizing Ideas for Your Home

By Brittni • Updated on 08/31/2023

Talking DIY organization (for your home) today! 

Photos of DIY organizational ideas in the home

The need for organization is real right now. And I don’t know if it’s because I’m on an organizing kick or I just have a messy house in need of attention. But either way, sometimes you just need a clean slate. 

I mean, it wasn’t that long ago when everyone with a Netflix subscription was jumping on the Marie Kondo tidying up train, right?

Getting organized feels like more than just tidying up though. It feels like taking control of your life. Kinda. I think? Stay with me!

Whether you’re on some deeper quest to gain control OR you really just want to organize your craft room, bedroom, bathroom, etc – this list has TONS of DIY organizing ideas!

My favorite part of this organizing guide though?

Many of the projects (like most of them actually) utilize items you might already have in your home(or garage) that can be repurposed as something new.

Creating more sustainable organizational systems, rather having to go out and buy a ton of bins, baskets, and storage things.

Anyway, here are 37 home organization ideas that you can totally DIY – from clothing racks to hanging wall organizers, trays, decorative boxes, and jewelry stands!

37 DIY Organization Ideas for your Home

Canvas wall organizer with craft supplies stored inside

1. Need office organization? This DIY hanging wall organizer looks good AND keeps things organized – which can be a challenge in a craft room or office space.

The thing I love most about this canvas organizer though is that you use it for so many other things too – from sorting mail to hanging hammers.

I feel like this could work as a DIY closet organizer with a few modifications as well.

Most recently, I started using mine in my son’s room as toy and book storage and it looks so cute!

Bonus: You can customize the size of this wall organizer to suit your needs in any room of the house.

DIY clothing rack made of wood dowel rods and copper piping, with shirt hanging from it

2. And speaking of a closet organizer… This clothing rack DIY from Weekday Carnival is great for extra clothes that don’t fit in the closet. And it would be a good option for a guest bedroom without a closet as well.

Organic shaped bowl made of fabric with rippled edges, sitting on tablecloth

3. Will always include my DIY fabric paper mache bowls when talking about organizational ideas because they’re very easy to make, surprisingly very sturdy, and pretty unique.

A wood desk with storage cabinets underneath with grey stool underneath.

4. Maybe a DIY standing desk, with lots of storage, is more your thing? What I love most about this Ikea hack is the fact that the storage is closed, so you can be as messy as you want inside and no one will know.

BUT of course, you’re not going to be messy….your going to be organized because that’s what this whole post in about. Right? Wink, wink!

Kid's room with fabric covered storage boxes and large baskets for toys

5. And speaking of keeping those cabinets organized, you can turn old shoe boxes into really cute fabric organizer boxes. I use these exact ones in my desk cabinets and they work so well for receipts, scissors, markers, and other small(ish) items.

Minimal produce bags with green drawstring on pink background

6. Reusable produce bags (these are another DIY idea) are handy for the grocery store, but you can also use that at home for pantry staples, closet organization, and more.

A wood magazine rack shaped like an X for storage, sits next to a couch.

7. I love minimal design like this x shape magazine rack that keeps things tidy and clutter-free while looking cool. This project is from HomeDIT.

Simple leather pouches that store makeup brushes and keep other small items organized.

8. These DIY leather pouches are perfect for organizing makeup items and other small things (like craft supplies). They’re be super cute painted too, if you’re looking for something more colorful.

Don’t have leather scraps sitting around? Try a sturdy fabric instead – like thick canvas, leftover scraps from last year’s curtain project, etc.

A modern desk organizer made of wood, holding notebooks and a plant.

9. Another minimal design for a typically ugly product. This modern DIY desk organizer is one of my all time favorites for keeping things handy on your desk without taking up too much space (or making your eyes want to cry with ugliness).

It is sectioned off on the inside too, making t possible to add a plant, pencils, scissors, etc. Whatever you need.

Organizing a junk drawer with drawer organizers to keep receipts and other items clutter-free

10. We all have that crazy junk drawer that is filled to the brim with crap. Right?

So the next time your drawers start to overflow, check out this 5 minute tutorial for how to organize your junk drawer. It’s really easy and very satisfying when it’s all said and done.

I usually clean out and reorganize our junk drawers once every six months now. It’s been a game changer for my sanity when I’m trying to find something I *know* should be in there. Haha.

Decorative storage boxes made from black and white grid wallpaper

11. Covering old boxes with decorative paper is a great way to reuse what you already have, while taming the clutter. I love these wallpaper covered boxes for storage from Homey Oh My.

And if you want to try something with fabric, try my fabric covered storage boxes (number 5 on the list).

A simple wood desk with plenty of storage for books, baskets, and more.

12. Love the idea of a desk, but want something more modern and minimal? Try this DIY desk idea for a modern option with unique storage.

I but this desk for a room that had to pull double duty as a guest bedroom and WFH office. The slim profile allowed me to completely customize the size without sacrificing on storage or style. And fit in the room perfectly. Don’t you love when that happens? I need to make another one of these!

Colorful, fabric rollup organizers that store craft supplies, likes pencils and scissors.

13.DIY rollup organizer is great for keeping craft supplies organized. But you can also use it as a rollup for reusable items you want to take with you on the go – like reusable utensils and straws, etc.

A wood clothing rack with white metal hangers hanging clothes from the clothing bar.

14. Don’t have a dedicated closet? No worries – try this wooden clothing rack project from The Merrythought. It’s cute and functional.

Closeup details of chalkboard wall organizer for kids, with artwork and hat hanging.

15. This back to school project is perfect for organizing kid’s items (like hats and homework), along with keeping messages and reminders up.

We used in Hayes’ room for years and it worked great. Lost in it our last move, unfortunately. Otherwise, we’d still be using it.

A wood makeup caddy with makeup brushes and lipgloss inside the top holes.

16. Speaking of using something for years… This DIY makeup organizer to store my most-used makeup brushes and glosses in the bathroom for years and it’s still holding up well after all this time.

Wood crates stacked on top of one another to create a simple, minimal entryway spot for shoes, bags, etc.

17. Grab some crates and make this easy entryway organization from The Merrythought.Cork wall organizers for a small office space

18. Made these geometric organizers out of cork in my old office and they worked great. It’s kind of nice to have a soft, natural element like this hanging near your desk, don’t you think?

Pastel half circle wall shelves hanging in a gender0neutral nursery.

19. This unique DIY wood shelving (half circles) idea was perfect for Hayes’ nursery. And it’s actually really easy to make too. Plus, you don’t even have to nail them into the wall.

Pantry organization displaying spices and kitchen staples on floating shelves.

20. I love kitchen storage ideas because the pantry is one area where I ALWAYS need a little organizational help. Who’s with me? So, grab a paint pen and customize your kitchen organization in minutes with this idea from A Beautiful Mess.

A wood magazine holder that hangs on the wall.

21. Loving these minimal modern magazine and book rack DIY from The Merrythought.

Minimal, earthy bedroom with wood hanging storage for hats and bags.

22. Bedroom organization is another big one for me! And I have hung sooooo many things on this DIY hanging wall organizer in the bedroom. Hats, backpacks, jackets, you name it! It’s like a mini closet that actually looks good.

A small wood and cork jewelry holder sits on a plain white table.

23. Turns out, you can make a two-tier jewelry stand in just a few minutes. AND it’s an Ikea hack!

DIY jewelry organizers will never get old in my book because you’re always gonna have some things to organize in this department.

A wood zig zag coat rack hangs on a white wall with a jean jacket and a brown purse.

24. I think this DIY zig zag coat and bag rack from Almost Makes Perfect is really clever. I love the personality that comes through from just a simple zig zag.

Concrete paperweight with gold wire hand holds paper scraps and photos on a colorful desk.

25.DIY desk organizer for paper, that also serves as a paperweight? Yes, please. This is one of my favorite organizing desk accessories to date. I made it years ago, and still comes with me every time we move.

A hanging wall organizer made of wood and cork, with scissors hanging from it.

26. Love this minimal hanging organizer DIY for paperwork, etc from Burkatron.

A pink color blocked organizer leans against the wall in a large loft space.

27. Giant mood board organizer?! Check!

This size might not be practical for every space, but it fit right into my old studio space, thanks to the high ceilings. A smaller version of tis would be really cute too. You could even lean into the house shape more and use it a memo board for a kid’s room or something along those lines.

Woman holding canvas baskets with Easter items inside

28. I made these DIY canvas baskets for Easter one year, but I also used them for storage organization. They work great – sturdy and a great way to reuse scrap fabrics.

A wood cabinet Ikea hack that stores clutter behind closed doors.

29. Hide the clutter with this DIY Ikea hack from September Edit. Isn’t it pretty? Now I’m wondering if I could do something similar with the cabinets for my DIY standing desk. Hmmm.

Woven basket with yarn loops, sitting on a white credenza with abstract artwork in the background.

30. Who couldn’t use a little extra DIY basket storage? And this one adds a little something soft and fuzzy to your typical DIY storage containers.

A leather wall organizer hangs on the wall with plants surrounding it.

31. If you’re a leather-lover, this simple wall organizer is a cute one to try. I used my Cricut maker to cut all the pieces to make it even easier. But you can also cut the pieces by hand if you don’t have that machine.

Simple yarn baskets in a mauve color, resting on a grayish blue book.

32. These 10 minute DIY yarn bowls are one of my favorite things. They look so sculptural and take up almost no room at all when not in use.

And I know that MANY of us already have some yarn in the house that we could use for a project like this. It’s a must-try if you have the materials already.

Terracotta jewelry dish and vases holding cool statement jewelry.

33. The simplest of DIY jewelry organizers, might just be this DIY jewelry dish.

These terra-cotta babies have been nestled on my nightstand since I made them. I use the flat dishes for jewelry and my glasses. And then the deeper vase like ones are for matches and little craft supplies (chalk, paint, etc).

A colorful loft space with wood storage for books, vases, and other decorative items.

34. Remember back when I had my loft studio space and shared how to make custom built-ins. This was one of my favorite projects in this space. It completely transformed the functionality (and the look).

What I wouldn’t give to go back to that space now and re-do it in my current style. It would be so much fun to reimagine some of these projects.

A grid wall storage rack on a color blocked wall.

35. Use a metal grid for hanging hats, scarves, and more. Have you seen these at local stores, like Urban Outfitters and The Container Store? 

I bet you could find something similar at a thrift store too. Maybe even some type of cookie cooling rack? Just spray paint it and hang on the wall.

A simple wood peg rail hangs on the wall, underneath the stairway of a modern home.

36. If you’ve been around here long, you know that I absolutely love a good DIY peg rail organizer. I truly have so many of these – some bought and some DIY. They’re so functional and cute, it’s hard to resist.

Checkered clay bowl sitting on wood table with books and plants

37. DIY clay bowls (in a cool checkered pattern) are perfect for jewelry and office supplies.

Dyed baskets for organizational storage, stacked on a marble surface.

38. More DIY baskets, but these are amongst my absolute favorites. Plus, you can use this dyeing technique on larger size basket as well.

A wood and leather organizer in the bathroom, with a blue waffle towel hanging from an S hook.

39. Here’s a bathroom version of my hanging DIY wall organizer. I could use this in every room of the house, to be honest. So easy to make (and budget-friendly).

I will always, ALWAYS love these types of projects that require just a few supplies and can make a big difference in helping organize a space.

Fabric silverware wrap for a picnic with other tabletop objects

40. This silverware wrap idea makes on-the-go cutlery super easy (like for picnics, etc). But it would also be a cute way to organize small school supplies or art supplies.

A wood block wall hook, with jackets and bags hanging off of the wall.

41. DIY wall hooks to organize your entryway (that don’t look like wall hooks). I love that these wall hooks just look like wood baubles on the wall when nothing is hanging on them. Kind of like jewelry for your walls. 

Also, this could pass for a really pretty looking DIY closet organizer too, with enough hooks, right? At least for jackets and hats that you wear all the time and want to keep handy.

A wood wall organizer for the bathroom with round mirror and leather loops for towels

42. The DIY bathroom organizer I made from a couple pieces of wood and leather scarps is still one of my favorite organizers ever.

It’s perfect for small spaces. You put on your makeup in the mirror, have a place for you toothbrush AND perfume / beauty stuff, and hang towels to dry all at the same time.


Okay, that’s it for DIY organizing ideas. Which one if your favorite? How do you stay organized in the new year?

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I love peg boards and cork boards and things I can put up on the wall. I hate having stuff laying around and more furniture, so for me, wall space is prime organizational areas.



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